Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 20

I am now at my 20th week - the midpoint of pregnancy.

So what's been going on recently?

  • I put on 5KG since Dec'10. That works out to 1KG per month on average but I always wonder if I've put on too much or too little now.
  • My face is round as a moon. Probably looks like the surface of the moon too, no thanks to the never-ending appearance of acne on my face. Blame it on the hormones :(
  • My appetite is starting to grow. I now have 4 meals a day - breakfast; lunch; tea and dinner. Occasionally I have supper too but it would usually be a glass of milk or a slice of bread just to satisfy my hunger pangs.
  • I felt occasional pains in my tummy. It could be baby kicking but I'm not sure. I think more of stretching based on my last ultra-scan. Will find out more during my next visit.
  • My mood swings are generally gone (I think) but I get ticked off more easily, and my temper flares are more intense. Not sure how it would affect baby.
  • No more food aversions (yay!) but I still find green peppers taste weird somehow.
  • Leg cramps at night is a real pain now. As a result, the bed is full of pillows to support my head, feet and tummy!
  • Got my confinement lady already. One less to-do to check off the list!
  • Been busy surveying on baby stuff to buy, and what do we really need (For example - what type of baby stroller do we need? How can we get one without being bombarded with unnecessary features?). I would like to thank my friends for all their opinions and recommendations at this point in time :)
  • I'm officially wearing maternity clothes! Been trying to avoid that for the past four months, but alas my tummy is beginning to show through my normal shirts and tops.
  • Trying my best to exercise at least twice a week. I had the opportunity to walk a lot two weeks ago, will have a separate post on this :)
I'm looking forward to my next visit to the gynaecologist, can't wait to find out how baby is doing, and also the gender of the baby!

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Lilium said...

5kg should be fine I reckon =). Should be able to feel baby kicking now but should not have any pain as the baby is still small. It's a bit too early to experience Braxton hicks now.

Wow! So early got leg cramps already. I don't dare to stretch too much when I sleep because it will cause leg cramps too =(

Don't stress too much on baby items. You've got loads of friends who can advice =)