Sunday, May 01, 2011

Of Lizards, Iguanas and Bicycles

Here are some interesting sights in Amsterdam :

Iguana Park @ Leidseplein

I came to know about this place through Ototo-san, who was there a few years ago. This unnamed park is located south of Leidseplein and I nearly missed it because it was considered more of street art rather than a tourist destination.

There were many, many sculptures of monitor lizards and iguanas scattered throughout the park. It looks like of scary, imagining if those were real creatures.


What is Amsterdam without its bicycles?

Yet, some are not just ordinary bicycles, like the one below. Can't really tell if it is a bicycle-powered car or not :)

This bicycle was parked in front of the Rijksmuseum souvenir shop. Love the painting, which actually represents one of Van Gogh's works - Almond Branches in Bloom.

Anyone care to Like this bicycle on Facebook? Note the trash surrounding it :)

Next : Den Haag and Kinderdijk

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