Friday, May 13, 2011

Things I learned in Amsterdam

A couple of travel tips I picked up in Amsterdam :

Tip #1
If you plan to spend an entire day in Amsterdam but too lazy to walk, invest in a 24 hour tram pass. For €7, take full advantage of the great tram network system around the city center and its suburbs by hopping on and off anytime you wish.

There's also the 1 hour pass but I don't think it is as worth it as the 24 hour one.

Tip #2

If you have to drink bottled water, don't buy from the mini marts around the city center. Hubby bought a bottle of Evian and it costs him €2.50. Later we found that it only costs €0.98 in the Albert Heijn supermarket (something similar to those Jaya Grocer or Giant chain supermarkets)

On the receipt we realised that we were charged €0.25 for "Statie Fles". Later we found out that it is something like a plastic bottle tax. If we bring the bottles back to Albert Heijn, you are entitled a refund of €0.25 per bottle.

Too bad we only knew after leaving 8 empty bottles in the hotel. Else we could have gotten some further savings, enough to buy 2 more bottles of mineral water!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, finally. I was wondering if I could figure out what that "statie fles" in the receipts was about in the internet. Albert Heijns always seem too busy to inquire employees about this.

Thanks for the piece of information.