Monday, June 06, 2011

Week 30

Time flies.

It just felt like last week when I wrote about hitting my halfway mark.

Today I mark my 30th week, another 10 more to go!

My next checkup is due next week, but based on last month's checkup, baby is growing well and doing fine.

My physical appearance had somehow changed. I looked bloated, feel bloated and in fact, am indeed very bloated! My nose had somehow grown bigger, and became a favourite spot for acne, no thanks to hormones which caused my T Zone to be super oily :(

Tummy is also getting bigger, though many people commented it's kind of small for 30 weeks. I keep telling them and myself I still have around 10 more weeks for the growth spurt to happen so better to not exceed the recommended weight yet. Alas, my sweet tooth came back with a vengeance! During my first and second trimester I was able to control my glucose intake due to my gestational diabetics scare. However, I have been munching on sweet stuff for the past couple of weeks, can't resist it! Last night when I checked my weight, it was 69KG, which means I have already hit 10KG weight gain! So either baby is growing well, or mummy is getting fat! Bad mummy!

My constant 'friends' - constipation and heartburn - are becoming more frequent, so are my leg cramps at night. In addition, sleeping is now a problem too, can't get a comfortable position to rest! Our bed is now full of pillows, mainly to support my back and feet.

On the happier side, I can feel baby's kicks and movements every day now. Sometimes it is just a light movement, a couple of times I could have sworn the little one was doing a full somersault inside my tummy! Just this morning, I experienced baby's hiccuping for the first time. Excited, I quickly grab hubby's hand and put it on my tummy so he could feel it too.

Hubby has been trying to catch baby's movements, but either he's too slow, or his hand could not feel the movement, or baby is just scared of him. Occasionally he will talk to baby too, which is a good thing, as I want our little one to recognise both of our voices and not just mummy. I had been playing recorded voice memos for baby, mainly myself singing or reading some nursury rhymes. Sometimes, baby would kick when I play those voice memos, I wonder if baby already knows.

It's a time to be excited, yet I'm also worried if I can handle being a good mum. I supposed that's every first time mother's thoughts as well, just need to keep calm, and be well informed while we anticipate the arrival of our little one sometime in August.


mangomoon said...

he or her? wah :)

Lilium said...

Don't worry Yee Lin. You will be a good mum which you have already started even now.

Just remember, you can never do everything when the baby arrives but do your best =)

Also, don't stress too much on what to buy and what to do. Just go with the flow.

I guess I am really blessed with both pregnancies with no bloating, heartburn, leg cramps etc. And they took most of my weight gain.