Saturday, July 16, 2011

Into the Final Stretch

When I first got pregnant, I thought 40 weeks is a long way to go.

Guess what? I'm now at week 36, four more weeks to full term!

My baby bump is now very, very obvious, though still not too big as compared to some of my colleagues. My doctor advised I should keep baby's weight around 3KG for an easier birth. My weight now hovers between 71 - 72KG, depending on how bad is my water retention.

In addition to water retention, leg cramps, heartburn and constipation, I now have another "friend" who may be late to the party, but caused enough misery - itchy fingers and toes! Apparently this is normal during 3rd trimester and is caused by a combination of both water retention stretching out the skin as well as increase in estrogen. So during the night I had to apply lotion or some oil on my palms and feet to control the itch.

Little one had been happily kicking mummy on a daily basis, not that I mind. But she has been more receptive to my husband too as compared to last time. Although she keeps still when he puts his hand on my belly seconds I said I felt movement, after coaxing for another minute she'll be moving around again. Sometimes I have to silently beckon hubby to feel my tummy, in case she stops moving for fear it's daddy :) I supposed the best experience for us was when hubby was knocking on my belly, and the little one actually responded with the same number of kicks!

We've gotten around 90% of the baby stuff. The baby cot will be delivered next Monday. We'll be getting the rest of the baby and nursing stuff, as well as confinement essentials this weekend. Probably the last item to get is the car seat, in which we shall wait for the upcoming Parenthood Fair at Midvalley end of this month.

Speaking about baby stuff, I think my nesting mood will hit very soon. I am already thinking of washing all the baby clothes, bedsheet, and preparing other baby stuff, but have not done yet because I'm waiting for the cot and baby detergent to be delivered to us next week. I also need to start packing my hospital bag, especially since I had a dream whereby I already went into labour but nothing was ready!

It had been quite a journey so far, I wonder what will happen when this journey ends, and the beginning of another journey, hopefully I am able to enjoy and cherish motherhood, even with its ups and downs :)


Lilium said...

Hi Yee Lin,
I think it is a better idea that you pack your hospital bag now. You can really pop anytime soon really. Anything can just happen. I had mine packed by 36 weeks already..hehe! You may also want to discuss your birth plan with your gynae.

Oh..from 37 weeks onward, baby is considered full term already =).

n i l e e y said...

Thanks LiLi for your advice, I will certainly pack tomorrow!

Oh yeah, i think i meant full term = full 40 weeks though I read on baby center 37 weeks is already considered full term :)