Friday, July 29, 2011

No Break for Pregnant Mama!

People thought I could relax now that I am nearing my delivery period.

How I wish.

I am still so busy as ever, one of the reason being there will be major re-organisation within my function in August, but has yet to be finalised. So I'm left with lots of bits and pieces which I can't even hand over to my successors. Today I woke up 5am just to review reconciliations, like how I always do it before I was pregnant :(

I am also expected to support July closing (so long I don't go for early delivery), but mind you the pregnant mama is already so tired every day! I also do not want to induce early just to avoid the closing because I don't want to miss our daughter's birthday just because it is the first week of the new month for at least the next few years! (Am anticipating I won't change company for now)

Just one more week of closing, and really look forward to be able to support from home till baby pops!

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Lilium said...

Oh dear YL! Kasihan that you still have to support the July close. Please don't induce. Let nature take its course.

How glad am I to say that I don't have to go through tough working life for 2 pregnancies and the quality time I able to spend to see the kids grow.