Washi Tape Thank You Card

I got myself this really cool roll of MT washi tape from Kinokuniya a couple of months ago. It had "Thank You" in 18 different languages all around it. I call it the Thank You washi tape :)

I decided to make a simple Thank You card as part of my thank you gift to a staff of mine. I took some scrapbook paper as the card base, put the strip of washi tape on the right side of the card, and finish it off with scalloped trimmings on the top and bottom of the card.

I forgot to take a picture of the card before I wrote on it, so here's the final version :

I thought the card may go well with a matching paper, so I did the same to the paper bag by sticking a strip of washi tape on both sides of the paper bag.

Simple yet satisfying. It also gives me ideas how to decorate paper bags using washi tape, perhaps my next project in future :)