Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love Affair with Sereni & Shentel

My love for hairbands came from the fact that I had been wearing them since I was a kid. During my secondary school days, I usually wore either a simple black or white plastic hairband, not the Evita Peroni ones which were expensive and usually confiscated due to exceeding the maximum width of a hairband. (I wonder if this school rule still exists...)

When I entered college and subsequently university, I expanded my hairband collection quite extensively. I had faux tortoiseshell, frosted pastels, gingham and checked patterns, sparkly pencil thin ones and my perennial favourite - an ivory coloured hairband which could be stretched and bended but not be broken. That hairband lasted me a good 12 years before it finally broke in 2008.

Just because I was working doesn't mean I have to stop wearing hairbands. In fact I still wore most of my plain coloured ribbon hairbands, just that it looked a bit 'blah' with my working clothes.

That is, until I discovered Sereni & Shentel.

What started as an accidental discovery online last year turned out to be a page which I follow closely on both my Google Reader and Facebook. While I drool over their Mandys, Bow Downs and Blairs, one part of me kept holding back from making a purchase, perhaps for a fact it is a tad pricey for a hairband (the same reason why I never got myself an Evita Peroni hairband all these while).

Then, somehow, S&S came up with a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion for their Blair hairbands early this year. That was my cue to buy! I ended up with Blairs in Charcoal and Olive Grey. I chose those colours because they are quite neutral and easy to mix and match with most of my clothes. Even if I wore a red shirt with black pants, I can easily match it with my Charcoal Blair.

As if admiring their Blairs was not enough. When their Blairspiration range was released, I nearly flipped. All those possibilities! All those pretty colours and combinations! It was a matter of time I need to save some $$$ to get at least something from the custom range.

When S&S announced a Polyvore contest, I was ecstatic! They will choose 5 winners with the best set.

The prize?

1 Kuching Cat
1 Ice Ice Baby Mini
1 Blair
1 Custom Blair


I used to be very obsessed with Polyvore when it was first launched, and made it my de-stress tool. I believe I have an advantage as compared to other users :) We were allowed 5 submissions, and although I came up with 4 fashion-based sets and 1 art-related set, it was the art-related set that was the winning piece!

Hard Candy

So I got myself a red Kuching Cat, a Navy Blair, a Pink Ice Ice Baby and my very own custom Blair.

The process of choosing the colours for my custom Blair was kind of interesting. At first I tried to rely on the colours provided online, but each time the pictures of the actual samples was sent to me, I didn't like it. In the end, the kind designer offered to design one for me based on a picture, or a Blairspiration which I like. I gave them two pictures below :

So she ended up designing something neutral but with shiny gold stones and matt pearl stones on a baby pink ribbon. I would have gone for a bold and colourful hairband, but I'm happy with this one as it can be matched with various outfits, which is what I wanted in the first place.

So in summary, I have a total of 6 Sereni & Shentel hairbands - 4 Blairs, 1 Ice Ice Baby Mini and 1 Kuching Cat :)

From left - Custom Blair, Blair (Charcoal), Ice Ice Baby Mini (Pink), Blair (Navy), Blair (Olive Grey)

Another view of my hairbands :)

I'm saving this Kuching Cat for my daughter, hope she will like it!

I'm still keeping my eyes open for at least a Bow Down and one from the Blockspiration range. Maybe not immediately but sometime in the near future. There's never enough of a lovely hairband :)

Sereni & Shentel, keep those lovely hairbands coming!

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krisha87 said...

Hi I happen to have a few blockspirations I intend to let go. Would you be interested?