Thursday, September 01, 2011

Washi Tape Fun with Containers

 I had some washi tape fun with containers during my confinement period.

The first was an old pewter pencil holder which was given to Oto-san by his staff as a farewell/retirement gift many many years ago. Oto-san did not fancy such gifts, so I took it from him and made it my pencil holder in office. In the past I usually cover it with wrapping paper, but decided it needed a makeover using washi tape instead :)

I just took out my entire stash and start cutting them into strips, and applied them vertically all around the pencil holder. I finished it off with two strips of thick "MT masking tape" labelled washi tape so that the vertical strips will not peel off over time.

The second was an empty glass container, previously used as a body lotion bottle. I cleaned the container thoroughly and let it dry before working on it.

Initially I wanted to apply horizontal strips of washi tape across the bottle surface, but found it quite hard to do due to the shape of the container itself. I then decided to apply on the cover instead.

I used mostly black, white, grey and silver, with a hint of gold for contrast. Once that is done, I sealed it off with a thin strip of dark grey washi tape on the side.

I now use this container to store my colourful buttons :)

Two very simple projects, but equally satisfying!

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