Webify Me!

Since baby DC was born, I basically do not have time to blog! Guess my confinement and motherhood postings will come later once I get back into schedule.

Meanwhile, I found this interesting quiz called Webify Me.  It's a 20 question quiz about your online habits & once answered, it will create a custom mosaic of your web life. Each items in the mosaic will reveal something regarding your web habits.

Here's the mosaic of my webified life. Some are pretty accurate, but I certainly disagree on the Noisemaker part!

Do try out and share what is your montage!


Lilium said…
I can't get the result..saying the site is forbidden. Ekkkkss!

You will soon find you have no time to cope with blogging as DC grows. I am just so knackered at the end of each day and wish there is an extra hand to help us out. But hey, that is the responsibilities being a parent.