Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Wow, it feels like a birthday gift that I am able to post something today!

Ever since baby DC came to this world, blogging is seriously the last thing I can do, although my mind is always wanting to blog about my life as a mummy. By the end of each day I'm just so tired!

Celebrated my birthday with my husband and in-laws at Concorde (Actually it was a free dinner because there was an unused table during A&M's wedding dinner in Sept 2011). They even got me a huge chocolate mint cake! Yummy...

On the other hand, Oka-san forgotten about my birthday...Sob Sob. I supposed she's too engrossed with her granddaughter she had totally ignored me. But in the end, she realized and gave me a birthday hug before she left for the day :)

We'll be sending DC to the babysitter in December so that mummy can take a break. However, need to do massive spring cleaning first! That would be my task next month. Hopefully I will have some time to blog (fingers crossed) else this blog is going to be abandoned soon!

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Lilium said...

I am also like you. Mind wants to blog but body just doesn't want to co-operate =(.