Monday, December 26, 2011

First Christmas with DC

This Christmas marks a very special moment for us - it is our first Christmas with baby DC :)

First thing we did was to get a Christmas tree! Could you imagine we celebrated  Christmas without a Christmas tree for the past two years since we got married! Spent a few hundred Ringgit on the tree and decorations as I simply don't have the time to handmade anything!

This year it was held at our home yet again, pot luck style. Luckily we learnt from last year's mistake and made/brought less food this time around. There's turkey, grilled eggplant, fried noodle, salad, konyakku jelly and cake. The portions are just nice for everyone, not much leftovers for the night. 

All ready to serve!

My peach and rose-flavoured jelly :)

While we and our siblings are busy setting the table, the grandparents had a good time playing with DC and watch her entertain them :)

Look, it's Ah Gong and Yeh Yeh!

Unfortunately for DC, her sleepy mode took over and she was off to bed by 8pm! She did not have the chance to open up all her presents so the two grandmothers had the honour of doing so on her behalf. I think half the presents around the tree are hers, she had gifts from husband's colleagues, the babysitter, and not forgetting from all of us. In fact, the grandmothers were more excited than the baby when it comes to opening her gifts.

Showing off one of DC's Christmas gifts. This one is from the babysitter.

We got her Sophie the Giraffe, a new toy I found after joining the Mummies Connect forum on Facebook. I hoped she will like it and will be her new best friend, apart from the yellow dog which she plays with every other day.

I think next year's Christmas will be very different, as DC would probably be able to run around and tearing open her gifts, not to mention pulling down the ornaments off the tree! Let's pray that will not happen, else we will only have lights on the Christmas tree...

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Lilium said...

We never have a Christmas tree this year knowing that our kids would be pulling off the baubles off from the tree! LOL! Hopefully we will have next year when the older boy can help to decorate it then =)