Pureen Warehouse Sale - Round 2 (Dec 2011)

It was only back in April'11 when we first went for Pureen's Warehouse sale and came back with loads of stuff. We went again for the second time yesterday and got even loads more stuff - mainly baby wipes and tonnes of clothes for DC.

Being more prepared this time around, we brought along two shopping trolleys and a huge shopping bag to carry our loot home. We also quickly surveyed around and grabbed what is needed as the layout of the warehouse sale is the same as last time.

Probably the biggest difference then and now is that back in April I only bought few clothing as we do not know the gender of the baby. Now that we know it's a girl, we bought DC lots and lots of clothes! Not to mention socks as well! No way she's going to complain she has nothing to wear, hehe :)
How I wish there's Mothercare warehouse sale in Malaysia, will surely go broke buying clothes for my little girl!


Lilium said…
Haha! The joy of shopping for the kids. I have to STOP buying already..hehe! The kids clothes are more than ours as parents. And I don't want to end up buying clothes and later realise that they haven't even have the opportunity to wear them =)