Sunday, January 15, 2012

1 Utama CNY 2012 Decoration - Deja Vu?

If you've been to 1 Utama during Christmas and lately, you may notice some similarities in their festive decorations. Do you know what it is?

Christmas 2011. Photo credit : 1 Utama Facebook page

CNY 2012 decoration at Oval, 1 Utama. Notice the shells?

That's right, they recycled the giant clam shells for both festive occasions! In a recent press release, the 1 Utama team explained that the CNY theme is a continuation of last year's Christmas under the sea theme, and coincidentally it is the year of water dragon hence they could do so as well. They also mentioned with the short turnaround time between Christmas and CNY, they do not have enough time to bring down all the Christmas decoration and change to CNY decoration within a short time.

Center Court @ Old Wing, 1 Utama
It is the first time I see a shopping mall recycle their decorations. I thought it was a brilliant idea and perhaps Eco-friendly to a certain extend as less waste is used to create new decorations. From the management point of view, I'm sure it also represents some form of cost savings too :)

Kudos for 1 Utama for being "brave" and thinking out of the box!

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