Friday, January 06, 2012

Bathing Baby Without Bath Tub

I always bathe DC using the baby tub. That was how I learned from the confinement lady. Till now I still stick back to the same routine until recently as she was getting bigger and more fidgety. Now I try to put her on sitting position and supporting her instead of lying down. 

During my last two trips to Penang, I was able to bathe her at the hotel bathtub and my aunt's huge plastic basin. However, during our recent trip to Avillion Admiral Cove, I called the resort to find out if they have any bath tub or not. They neither have a bath tub nor provide any baby bath tub as well. So how?

I recalled one mother sharing a picture of an inflatable pool on the Mummies Connect group. So I got one from Jusco at RM19.90 (Diameter 100cm x Height 22cm). I bought a small pump as well, else hubby will go out of breath if expect him to blow the rubber pool by himself! 

DC checking out the inflatable pool

When inflated, the pool fits DC's size about right, and can be used till she is much older. Thankfully the resort bathroom shower area is also spacious enough to fit the entire inflatable pool, else we have to bathe her outside the bathroom.

DC : Is it bath time or swimming time?

DC enjoyed her bath very much. In fact she kicked water many times thinking it is very fun! I have yet to master bathing her in sitting position, have to practice more often. The base is a little slippery, need to hold her tight to prevent her from slipping. The alternative is to put the non-slip mat at the base of the pool.

I think this is a very good idea, and best of all it is very compact and can be brought along anywhere together with the pump. Husband was thinking of letting her play water on the balcony, but I think I rather bring her to the swimming pool instead, less one thing to clean up!

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