Friday, January 27, 2012

DC's First Swim

Both hubby and I want to introduce DC to swim and play water at a young age, don't be like her parents who cannot swim! To ensure she doesn't catch a cold when in the water, I bought her Konfidence BabyWarma and swim nappy, both from Mothercare.

Konfidence BabyWarma

The BabyWarma is a substitute to a swimming suite. It is basically a wetsuit made of stretchy and comfortable soft neoprene. As it opens flat and secured by Velcro, it is very easy to put on and remove from baby. You can also adjust how snug the fit you want baby to be in the wetsuit. Not only it keeps baby warm, the neoprene material makes holding on to them much easier too, knowing how slippery a water baby can be.

Konfidence One Size Swim Nappy

Although there are disposable swim diapers in the market, they are expensive and not eco-friendly. The Konfidence One Size Swim Nappy has adjustable velcro strips and buttons which can fit baby as they grow. The nappy is meant to be worn as it is, and is able to contain most poo. I wanted to get an aqua nappy to put over for more protection but seems it is not available here.

We took DC out for her first swim while at Port Dickson. Here's what we did before she went down the pool :
1) Ensure she already done her poo-poo business
2) Wear the swim nappy, followed by the BabyWarma
3) Keep talking to her and letting her know she is going to the pool
4) Soak her feet in water to give her a feel before putting her entire body into the pool


She enjoyed playing in the water a lot, and was busy splashing away like a pro! If propped correctly, she can actually float on her own. This is because baby contains lots of fat, thus easier for them to float.

I'm floating! Well, kinda...

Back home, husband tried to bring her to our condominum pool one day after we came back. I was very sick so I didn't follow along. Apparently she refused to go down the water and was making a lot of noise! Not sure if the water was too cold in the morning, or she was already sleepy. Looks like we will have to try again one of this coming weekends (we were too busy preparing for CNY before that) and cross our fingers she will go down the pool this time around.

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