New Year Celebration @ Port Dickson

Instead of the same old routine of hanging around our house for the fireworks celebration, this year the six of us plus baby DC headed down to Port Dickson to usher the new year. We stayed at Avillion Admiral Cove Port Dickson for 2 nights.

View from our room

It was my first time staying at this resort. Link kept comparing to the Avillion water chalets, saying it is nowhere as nice, but I supposed for the price we paid for this place (RM225 for 3D2N), I'd say it is a pretty decent resort, as compared to the 'memorable' stay at Hotel Anika in Kluang back in 2007 (for the wrong reasons). Moldy toilets anyone?

Beautiful sunset

We departed on Friday evening, and checked in around 9pm. Hubby and I were given a room with king size bed. We also requested for a baby cot which they provided as well. I'm glad they have this facility else we have to bring the playpen along as well. the room is spacious, and I like the fact that they have a sink area which I can wash and sterilise my bottles and pump parts. Too bad I didn't manage to take a photo of the room as we were rushing to get DC  to sleep. I did take a photo of the baby cot though.

Baby cot provided by the resort.
Note : blanket, sarung and kain lampin not provided :)

After baby slept, we celebrated both Link and my birthday by feasting on the Baskin Robbins ice cream cake that Tham bought all the way from PJ. What's left of the dry ice became something for the guys to experiment and play with. First it was dry ice + water in a mug, which looks like some creepy potion or witch brew. They then proceeded to put dry ice + water in the sink, which then emitted so much 'smoke' it got a bit ridiculous, like our room is a science lab. Luckily the effect didn't last too long, else we wondered if it would trigger the fire alarm...

Tham is brewing Love Potion No. 9 but tak jadi...

We then played a few rounds UNO till 2am before everyone proceeded to sleep. No UNO Stacko this time around because it is noisy and will wake baby up once the tower collapses.

The weather on New Year's Eve was fantastic - hot and sunny. Perfect for any outdoor activity. Yet we all took naps after breakfast (using the excuse baby needs to nap la!) and only had lunch at 3pm at a nearby restaurant.

Yachts parked around the marina in front of the resort

During the evening, we brought DC to the pool, while the rest went along to play archery. Too bad I could not play archery with them but seeing DC playing water in the pool is really memorable, I would not want to miss it!

Our highlight of this trip is the dinner at Gin Men Teppanyaki Restaurant 金门铁板烧鱼. Eric made reservation much earlier as seating capacity is limited. This is a family-run restaurant, and their home is just located behind the said restaurant! As we reached there a little late, we have to wait for our food because there's only two chefs handling all the orders. We ordered their signature Fish with 3 flavours (Sambal,Ginger and Oyster sauce), dong gwai la-la, mayo prawns, grilled squid, stuffed crab and vegetables.

3-Flavoured Fish

I love the fish dish, it was grilled perfectly and the accompanying sauces just tastes heavenly with the fish. I also like the accompying lady fingers and stuffed fish balls.

Another favourite was the la-la. I have never tasted this style before. It is cooked with an egg sauce (like those in cantonese fry) infused with dong kwai. The aromatic dong kwai smell and taste made the difference in this dish. We loved it so much so we ordered a 2nd serving of it!

Link highly recommended the stuffed crabs which is also one of their signature dish. Served in the crab shells, it is a mixture of crab meat, mayonaise and another sauce. It's a unique taste but very nice, although I like the fish and la-la more.

Stuffed crab. Below it is the la-la dish

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel, since there was nothing much to do in Port Dickson at night anyway. Here's the funny part : we were sipping dessert wine and waiting for the countdown at our room. DC did not want to sleep, I'm assuming she wanted to countdown with us as well :) When the clock strikes midnight, we shouted Happy New Year in our room. It was quiet outside apart from the sounding of the horn from a nearby ship. No fireworks, nothing. Around 30 minutes after midnight, the rest headed back to their rooms to sleep. We slept as well but baby was still awake! Signs that we are clearly aging, haha...

After we checkout from the resort on New Year's Day, we headed to nearby town Lukut for lunch. Tham found this restaurant called Lucky Seafood restaurant via his iPhone and we decided to try it out. Boy, the place was very packed! It is famous for its Lucky King Bun which is basically a curry chicken bun. We ordered one to be shared among the 6 of us. We also ordered some seafood, tofu and veggie too.

Busy cutting up the curry chicken bun to be served.
Photo credit to Tham's iPhone

As we wait for our food to be served, we can see the buns literally flying off the stall. It was so popular that the shopowners have to replenish them quickly! The curry in the bun is nice, and the bun was not too soft nor oily too. I personally prefer this to the Kampar curry chicken bun. Our lunch was very good as well, not to mentioned reasonable priced too. Eric asked if we wanted to head over to Seremban for dinner, but I was already not feeling well, we will give this a pass. Perhaps next time then...

Baby and I fell sick right when we got home, must be too tired from all the travelling. What a new year celebration!