Stroller Review - Aprica Laura Guild

Back in mid-2011, we went stroller-hunting for our (unborn) little one. There are so many brands and models out in the market it almost seemed like an impossible task. 

The main features we were looking for was basically a two-way facing, lightweight stroller that can accommodate our daughter from birth to toddler. As there are not that many two-way facing strollers out in the market, our search list quickly narrowed down to two brands - Combi and Aprica.

I found out about Combi while visiting one of the baby shops in Bangsar. Most Combi models are two-way facing strollers but I was keen on the Miracle Turn. As for Aprica, Oka-san mentioned that she used an Aprica stroller when I was a baby, but now I can't really find any baby shops selling Aprica products. I thought the brand was no longer around but lo and behold, I was at Robinsons @ The Gardens Midvalley and could not get my eyes off this stroller. Turns out to be Aprica Laura Guild Quattro :)

Both Combi Miracle Turn and Aprica Laura Guild have similar features :

  • Reversible (can be front or rear facing)
  • Lightweight (Miracle Turn is 6.35KG ; Laura Guild is 5.5KG)
  • Adjustable handle according to mother's height
  • Four-wheel swivel
  • Large canopy with mesh window which can be opened for better ventilation
  • One touch opening and closing
  • 170° degree full reclining seat
  • Shock absorbant head pad for newborn (Combi calls it Eggshock Pad; Aprica calls it Airway Clear Mamolu Pad)
  • Shopping basket provided
  • One-touch 5-point harness for maximum retention
  • Can be used from newborn till around 36 months, also subject to baby's weight

The price for Combi's Miracle Turn is RM1,799 whereas Aprica's Laura Guild is RM1,999.

After making comparison, we chose Aprica's Laura Guild over Combi's Miracle Turn due to the size. We find Aprica Laura's overall size is more spacious as compared to Miracle Turn. The salesgirl at the Combi shop at Midvalley also did mention it may not suit a very chubby baby due to the narrow width of the stroller. As we know there was a baby fair coming soon, we went over there and got ourselves a good deal - we ended up purchasing the Laura Guild for RM1,393. It comes with one year warranty, and any spare parts can be ordered from the distributor (GBS Marketing).

After using it for almost 6 months, here is what I think of this stroller
  • Overall very easy to use, I can change from forward to rear facing and vice versa, anytime, anywhere
  • The adjustable handle helps to avoid sprained wrist while pushing the stroller
  • We always pull over the large canopy over baby to indicate that it is time for her to sleep. There is a mesh window on top of the canopy so we can also peek and check if she is really sleeping or not :)
  • The shopping basket can fit my breastpump bag perfectly.
  • There were couple of times I have to carry baby and open/close the stroller on my own. It is quite easy to do so though I had to try a couple of times to get it right.
  • Four-wheel swivel makes pushing at any direction a breeze.
  • When the weather is hot, I just need to open the mesh window located at the bottom of the canopy so it would not be so stuffy for baby.
  • Only two complaints so far - the stroller open/closes flat, which means it may be more bulky as compared to umbrella strollers or even the Miracle Turn which is Double Fold. 
  • The other complaint is I need to ensure the four wheels are correctly positioned when keeping the closed stroller upright, else it will topple over.
Here's the brochure of Aprica Laura which I have scanned for future reference (click to enlarge) :

I think I know why Aprica is not popular in KL/PJ area, the distribution is limited to mainly shopping malls, together with Graco strollers as they are from the same distributor. The specialty baby shops tend to sell other middle/high-end brands which ended up more popular than Aprica. I suppose they rely on sales during baby fair. They also have their Bettino car seat which is considered 5-star car seat because it can be laid flat and adjustable till toddler age, but costs RM2K!


thisisfarhana said…
hi there. thanks for the review. i just bought the same aprica stroller, but wondering where do you register for warranty? i bought it at an expo at klcc today... :-)
n i l e e y said…
Hi there, glad you decided to get the Aprica stroller :)

We did not register for warranty. The salesperson told us if anything happen to the stroller within the year, bring to their distribution center with receipt.
thisisfarhana said…
I see.. I bought it from GBS booth too, but I was told to register online for warranty. Will call them for more details. Anyway, I'm glad reading your review - having all the positive feedback make me feel relief. I was actually looking for Combi Miracle Turn in purple, but sold out already. But then I found better bargain for this Aprica stroller. So I grabbed it while stock lasts :) . The design so princessy..
Thanks for the review! very helpful :))
Sophie said…

Can you please tell me whether this stroller is easy to push? Does it get stock on cracks in the pavement?
Do you by any chance have any idea where this stroller can be purchased in the US, or for a reasonable price on-line?
420placeuk said…
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Norman Riggs said…
The reviews for both strollers are actually crucial for me, because I intend to purchase the Aprica Laura Guild, Now Let me know whether the Aprica Laura Guild can push easier?
n i l e e y said…
Hi Norman, it's been so long since I posted I can't recall if Miracle Turn is easier to push or not, but comparing with 2 wheel swivel definitely 4 wheel is easier to push :)