Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY Toy Blocks

I read that toy blocks are one of the best toys for a child's intellectual development. While we have not gotten any toy blocks for DC yet, I plan to get one set for her later. Meanwhile, she still have her stacker rings and stacking cups which are her two favourite toys at the moment. She doesn't know how to stack them yet, but she loves to grab two of them and make noises as she clap her hands together.

I have a lot of these Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken boxes at home (hubby consumes these on a daily basis - while stocks last). I thought it would make a good toy block for DC, I can also gauge if she has an interest in blocks at the moment or not :)

What you need :
Small cardboard boxes
Colour paper
Glue tape or glue
Pen knife/scissors
Bells (optional)

1. Measure how much colour paper is required to wrap each box.
2. Use penknife or scissors to cut the colour paper.
3. Wrap the box as how you would wrap a present.
4. Seal the corners with glue tape or glue. I use glue tape instead of the liquid glue as I know DC may want to taste the box while playing.
5.  For some of the boxes, I added these bottle rings that came with the chicken essence so that it will become a rattle box for DC. You may opt to use bells instead. 

6. Once done, stack them up and let baby knock them down!

DC was initially attracted to it due to the bright colours, but now she knows which are the ones that make noises so she will only play with those, I'm impressed she can remember which box is the rattle box. Iplan to add in alphabets or numbers onto the boxes later, provided she doesn't destroy them first!

Looks like we'll let her play with these boxes first till we get her a proper wooden block set :)

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