Monday, March 05, 2012

My Blog Headers - Then and Now

I can't believe my blog is now seven years old!

I remember back in 2005 I jumped into the blogsphere bandwagon as 1) almost everyone had a blog; 2) I need a space to capture my thoughts.

The title Nileey's Sphere was very much influenced by Final Fantasy X, which the story focuses on memory spheres among the other elements of the game. Being a total newbie to blogging and CSS, I spent many hours trying to understand and amend the default CSS template provided by Blogger as I didn't like the default layouts provided.

Here's how my first blog header look like :

This was a scene from Final Fantasy X where Yuna summoned the spirits of the dead after the monster Sin destroyed the village of Kilika. I already had this picture in mind when I first created my blog, but it was so hard to find the picture online. I also used very basic editing tools to create this banner. Looking back, I'm still very proud of this banner as it was my very first attempt to create a banner which I could call my own.

I changed my header in 2007. Took me a while to change as I was basically busy with work and neglected my blog for a while.

The background was a scene from Korean drama Spring Waltz. I can't recall what I did to this but the end result looks like a watercolour painting :) Again, this was done using some basic editing tools which I can't remember the name anymore. I was quite contented with this blog header for a while as it took me a while to adjust the width of the blog to suit this header. 

Somewhere between 2007 and 2011, Blogger did a major revamp on its features. One of them is a more simplified way to update your blog template. No more pulling hairs over CSS codes! Again, I was so tied down with work - and subsequently baby - I didn't have time and the inspiration to create a new blog header. 

Today, I woke up with an idea in mind. I quickly started working on my blog header this morning. Took me around an hour to create my new blog header and change the layout of my blog too. 

 I got most of the images from Shabby Blogs. The editing was done using a free application called Paint.NET.

Overall I'm very satisfied with this header, and it reflects my current crafty mood as well :)

What do you think of my new blog header? I love to hear from you!


mangomoon said...

nice :) brit style

Shanahfication said...

Congratulations on making seven years! Mine is just a year old now, I hope it gets to grow old.

Lilium said...

It looks great and 'refreshing'