Thursday, April 26, 2012

Busy April

April had been an extremely busy month for me. Not only all of us were sick during the first two weeks of the month, I also had to deal with DC's constipation problem last week.

I've also been driving around running errands, which somehow is just endless this month (WHY??). Oh yeah, haven't completed my tax filing too :(

There's also an additional task for me to do now - to prepare dinner for DC. So far I've been cooking porridge for her but I think she's getting bored of it. Need to crack my head for new ideas very soon.

Oh April, where has the time gone???


Lilium said...

Does the supermarket in Malaysia sells pasta specially for baby/toddler? It's a change from the usual porridge. Also can give some mee suah..boil ikan bilis soup, then put in some potatoes, carrots and tomatoes (basically ABC soup) and lastly the mee suah. It's yummy.

n i l e e y said...

They do LiLi, but my girl no gigi yet, so even if I give her pasta i have to puree it, just as I do for her porridge. Tried to feed her slightly lumpy porridge but she rejected. sigh...

Will take into consideration of the pasta once she accepts chunky food :)