My Cloth Diaper Experience

I first heard about cloth diapers was even before I was pregnant. I was surfing online and somehow came across this brand called GroBaby (eventually it is now known as GroVia). I immediately fell in love with their designs and the fact that it is reusable, hence less consumption of disposable diapers which can be very damaging to the environment.

Fast forward to 2011 - During my pregnancy, one of my must-haves was a pair of GroVia cloth diapers. I wasn't sure if I want to do cloth diapering full time but no harm trying. I got the GroVia Hybrid test drive kit and soakers from Tiny Tapir. Thankfully hubby approved this item into our budget! 

When DC was born till she was 3 months old, we used a mixture of disposable diapers and kain lampin. Reason being it’s definitely easier to wash a stained kain lampin as compared to cloth diapers all stained with her breastmilk- poo. However the downside to kain lampin is that it gets really wet and uncomfortable for baby, and I had to change her very often. 

During that 3 months, I found out a lot more about cloth diapers and I'm very surprised there is a very huge market for cloth diapers in Malaysia. There are so many brands available, and the choices are endless! I bought two more brands - BambooLite and QQ Baby. All in all, now I have 10 cloth diapers (3 GroVia, 4 QQBaby, 3 BambooLite)

My stash of cloth diapers - top : QQ Baby ; Bottom : GroVia and Bamboolite

I started DC on cloth diapers only when she turned 4 months. That is also during the weekends. I do not have a maid at home to help wash the CDs so better to just put her on CDs during the weekend while the rest of the weekdays she is on disposable diapers. In fact, I find myself very busy during the weekend as I have to constantly check on her cloth diapers. However, a plus side is that I save on disposable diapers, especially during those occasions where she pooped on a fresh diaper itself. Another plus point is that I don't have to feel so guilty adding on to DD into the trash list during the weekend.

Here's my quick review on the 3 brands I am using now :

GroVia AI2
My favourite among the three brands so far. The cutting is trim on my baby, the soakers are absorbant, love the designs and is very easy to use! The only downside I find is that the soakers tend to take longer time to dry, probably due to the design itself.

Sleepyhead DC in GroVia CD

BambooLite AI2
This is a local brand, I like the concept of an adjustable strap so it can fit baby's thighs according to their size. Their fitting is also quite trim, though slightly bulkier than GroVia. I have both the microfiber and bamboo velour top. I love how soft is the bamboo velour top so can imagine it is comfortable to her. However, DC tends to get some redness around her bum area after wearing their CDs, especially the one with microfiber top, hence I need to change her diaper more often. I would have gotten one more from their new collection if not for the rash. A pity really, coz I like their 2012 designs.

DC in Bamboolite CD

QQBaby Pocket Diaper
This is the cheapest among the 3 brands, but DC is able to wear them without getting any nappy rash. I bought both the microfiber and bamboo version, but I find no difference even though the bamboo CDs are more expensive. I bought the bamboo ones because they came with printed covers. Personally I find this brand value for money, but can look very bulky on baby. Plus I'm a bit lazy when it comes to stuffing the pocket diapers, which is why I prefer AI2.

DC in QQBaby CD

After using the CDs for 5 months (weekeneds only), I find that I look forward to put her in her CDs. I also pray very hard that she will poop in her DD before I change her to CD. Somehow, she have a tendency to poop a lot into on particular CD, not sure why. Perhaps it's too comfortable?

There are so many designs and prints out in the market, it's like a mini fashion show! I now understand why some mothers could not stop buying cloth diapers, it is due to the cute patterns available. I love GroVia's new design, especially Woodland and Birds. Keeping my fingers crossed I have the budget to buy them :)

Given a choice, would I consider cloth diapering Daniella all the way? I would! In fact, I would have done it every day if I have a maid/helper to wash, dry and sort the cloth diapers. Oh well, just make do with what I have at the moment :)


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