Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Avengers

Watched Avengers 3D with my friends last week. It was my second movie outing since DC was born (the first was Battleship).

Prior to this movie, I had watched both Ironman movies and Thor. I didn't watch Captain America because it was either during my confinement or first few months with DC, so I missed a little bit of the plot when I watched Avengers. 

So how did I find the movie. One word : WOW!!!

Usually when too many superheroes or superstars come together under one movie, I tend to keep my expectations low as I believe in the "too many cooks spoil the broth" situation. Thankfully, this movie instead rose up to the occasion as a true superheroes movie, each of the characters have their equal airtime and storyline. Kudos to Joss Whedon for his great effort (I miss Buffy the Vampire series yo!)

Trust Tony Stark to have his share of one-liners which just makes me laugh. Though I wonder if it is for real when I see the technology he possesses as evident in the Stark Tower. Thor's role here is crucial as the main villian was his own brother Loki. I really find it funny when he's paired up with The Hulk, especially the last fighting scene. It's also hilarious when The Hulk refers to Thor as "Puny god."

Captain America's character added some seriousness to this movie, I supposed it's something to do with his past (gotta watch that movie to find out more). I also find it funny when my sister-in-law told me to watch out for his 3D bum in the movie. It moves!!! Hawkeye and Black Widow's role may not be very significant, nevertheless Whedon did indicate some form of history of their relationship together, but not too much, else it would make the whole movie too complex. 

I love Mark Ruffalo's rendition of The Hulk. On the surface he was portrayed as a very gentile mild-mannered man trying to contain his anger so not to provoke The Hulk, but towards the end, he said to the rest of the Avengers team "Do you know what is my secret? I'm always angry". Simply awesome.

A sad point of the movie was agent Coulson's death. I was very sad to see him die like that, furthermore his Captain America cards were not signed by his superhero. But at least his death set a turning point for the Avengers  to unite and fight Loki.

Would I watch it again? If it is on HBO, then definitely! Can't afford to be watching too many movies in the cinema now, especially with DC around :)

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