Wednesday, May 09, 2012

DIY Lavender Sachet

I'm currently having a lavender craze now ever since I bought a bottle of Lavender essential oil a month ago. I love the smell and how soothing and relaxing effect it has on me, especially after a tiring day. I got the idea of making a lavender sachet after I saw someone sharing on the internet how she made a scented car freshener using dried lavender. 

What you need :
A small packet of dried lavender. I got mine from the Chinese medical hall in Taman Megah
A piece of fabric. I got mine free from a sample pack by Craft Story. Measurement is 15cm (L) * 9cm (W)
A piece of ribbon
4 - 6 cotton balls

1) Fold the fabric into half , inner side facing up.I folded on the long side of the fabric so it should leave both corners of the fabric open.

2) Sew both open section of the fabric, leaving a 1cm seam for each side. The fabric should look something like a pouch.

3) Fill up the pouch with dried lavender until it is half full.

4) Fill up the remaining 1/4 of the pouch with cotton balls. The cotton balls give a fluffier look to the sachet while preventing any lavender from leaking out from it.

5)Tie a ribbon around the pouch.

Voila! It's done!

I made a couple of these pouches. Put one in my car, the other in one of my drawers. All I need to do to freshen it up by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil. No more artificial car fragrance, and is cost saving in the long run as well :)

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