Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mothercare Wedge Support Pillow Review

Mothercare is known in Malaysia for its extensive range of quality baby products, toys and of course their kids wear range. They recently celebrated their 25th anniversary, a testimony of their reliability and trust by mothers (and fathers too!)

While most parents are familiar with Mothercare's baby products, but do you know they have a maternity range as well? I didn't know about that till I stepped into the Mothercare KLCC store last year and stumbled across the range. Guess what? I found a gem as well :)

Presenting... the Mothercare Wedge Support Pillow!

My lifesaver! (Or should it be saving my back...)

During my second trimester, I can feel my lower back aching each time I sit down, be it in office or at home. I already have the mesh lumbar back support attached to my office chair, but it wasn't good enough. Good thing I found this pillow, it is my lifesaver during my second and third trimester! What I like about this pillow is that it is small and portable, I can just put it into a paper bag or tote and bring it along with me everywhere I go. This pillow accompanied me during my meetings, while travelling on plane or car, while watching TV and even at the cinema!  

After delivery, I used this a lot while breastfeeding DC, especially while during the confinement period when I'm usually lying down in bed. I usually feed her sitting down since it is my most comfortable position. One day my confinement lady asked if she could borrow my wedge pillow for 10 minutes. I asked why. She wanted to place DC lying down on the pillow after her feed so to avoid throwing up milk, basically to ease her digestion of milk flow. After around 10 minutes she will remove the pillow and allow DC to sleep back in her usual position.

And so with that I found another purpose for the wedge pillow. Most of the time after her feed, especially when if she's awake, we would put DC on the pillow, talking, playing and watching over her the same time to make sure she doesn't roll off the pillow. That was for around 4 months before she started to outgrow the pillow.  

Can you spot the wedge pillow?

Very recently we found another use for the wedge pillow. DC sleeps in her own cot in our bedroom. We decided not to put any cot bumpers as I like to observe her while I lie down. Our room is quite small hence the side table and cot is side-by-side without any gap in between. Now that she already knows how to sit on her own and stand supported, I worry if she will reach out the grab the night lamp when she is awake.

I put the wedge pillow at the corner of the bed, blocking the lamp from her reach. So far it has worked as she will usually be more distracted with other stuff near the side table but never once she removed the pillow and try to grab the lamp. Perhaps she is not interested in the pillow as its plain white colour blends in with the cot railings. Works for me, so long she doesn't lay her fingers on the night lamp!

The green apple lamp is safe... for now

I'm sure I will find more uses for the pillow as DC grows older, I can foresee she using the pillow as a slide for her dolls :)

When I bought this last year, it was RM75. Not sure about the price now but for me, it is worth every $$ I paid for it. 

Thank you Mothercare!