Fabric Tape Toy Leash

When DC was able to sit up on her own, we started letting her sit on the baby chair during our mealtimes. We usually put a couple of toys so she could play with them while we eat. However we had a problem - she likes to throw her toys, and it's really no fun picking it up for her multiple times. Most of the time I will not pick it up after her second throw if we are at home. However, I can't do the same at a restaurant. In fact I will also have to keep wiping the toy before giving it to her!

I came across the idea of making a toy leash after checking out Sophie's leash on Etsy. However with my lack of sewing skills and a sewing machine, making a leash from a strip of fabric is out of the question. I found some lovely zakka fabric tape from Fabric Fanatics, and so decided to make this using fabric tape instead.

What you need :
1 meter of fabric tape. Minimum width should be at least 2cm so it could fit the snap prong buttons. You can choose to use more than 1 meter if you want.
2 sets of snap prong buttons
A pair of scissors and iron
Iron-on fusible tape (refer to below picture). Fabric Fanatics sells this as well.

1) Cut the fabric tape into half

2) Cut a few strips of iron-on tape and put it onto the reverse side of one of the already-cut fabric tape. The width of the iron-on tape is approximately 1cm, so I arranged them into two rows to ensure it is fully covered. As it is quite challenging to iron with one single strip of iron-on tape with the fabric, I cut them into shorter lengths instead.

3) Once done, put the other strip of fabric tape, right side up onto the iron-on tape.

4) Using the iron (on low setting), slowly but carefully iron onto the fabric tape, making sure to apply sufficient heat onto the tape so the fusing will bind both sides of the tape together.

5) The result will be a strip of fabric tape with prints on both sides. I did not separately stitch both ends to prevent fraying as the iron-on fusing already sealed both edges. However, I reckon it will look nicer with a blanket stitch in coordinating colour thread.

6) Mark down where exactly do you want to place your prong snap buttons. Below is the measurement I used. The smaller one on the left is for her toy, the one on the right is for her hand, or even the baby chair or stroller. It is best to follow your own measurement as the size of each baby's hand and toy could be different.

7) Apply the snap prong button as per your markings. Here's the thing - I do not have the plier kit, so I went to a ribbon supply shop near Sea Park who has this equipment to get it done. They charge RM1 for each pair of button + service.

8) I washed this in lukewarm water before using it as I want to get rid of any dirt or glue traces on the fabric.

Toy leash is ready for use!

DC was initially very fascinated with the toy leash and tried to play with it instead. Later on she just accepts that will be placed onto her wrist so that she can play with her toys. I can only attach limited toys onto this particular leash due to its measurements. So far she could play with Sophie, her rattles and some cloth books with handles. I think I should now explore one with a wider gap so I can attach her cup onto the leasy as well.


Lilium said…
Good idea! I am way past that stage now, so don't need a leash..haha!