Friday, July 06, 2012

Back from Busyland!

I'm back!!! (At least for now)

The entire month of June was a very busy month indeed for me. Why is that so?

  • Hubby quit his job and is taking a nice break from his hectic working schedule. That means more errands to run, and less time at home. Whenever I am home, I will be catching up on whatever housework I did not manage to complete whenever I am out.
  • We took 3 mini vacations during that time - which also meant more packing and unpacking to do. In fact, I have not fully unpacked from our most recent trip to Port Dickson  > __ <
  • My parents are on vacation. This means I need to travel over to their place twice a week so the maid can clean their house. More time travelling and less time to complete my task.
  • Our PC was under repair for one week. Although I still have my iPad, I still prefer to type on a keyboard, with its "click-clack" sounds :)

Hopefully I am able to finish up a few posts for this month!

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