Friday, July 27, 2012

Parenthood Expo 2012

So my first post once I am back from Busyland is regarding a baby fair? Well, I was indeed busy :D

Today I went shopping at the Parenthood Expo held at Midvalley Exhibition Centre from 27th - 29th July 2012. I had miss two previous baby fairs so I'm making sure I won't miss out on this one.The sole purpose I went to the fair is to buy pyjamas for DC. She has already outgrown almost all her pyjamas. If I don't buy this time, I will have to buy them from departmental stores, which are more expensive and less choices. I also needed to get a new bottle warmer as our current Little Bean warmer had some problems and we find it a hassle to travel all the way to Cheras to get it replaced or repaired.

I reached Midvalley around 11am, handed my car over to the CARS guys for a car wash and misting, and headed straight for the baby fair itself. It was already getting crowded by then. After I registered and redeemed my goodie bag, I headed straight for Pureen at Hall 1. This time their pyjamas selection was very limited. I ended up getting the same pattern but in 4 different colours for RM15 each.

Opposite Pureen was the Whoopee diaper booth. Each time I pass by the Whoopee diaper booth during previous baby fairs, I noticed there was always a huge crowd queuing up to purchase the diapers. The price is RM25 per pack of 60 pieces for L or 56 for XL. It's cheap and worth trying out. I ended up buying 4 packs of diapers. Suddenly my wallet became RM100 lighter :(

On the way out from Hall 1, I purchased 2 bottles of Scott cod liver oil for RM10 each. Quite a good deal because it is always at least RM12 elsewhere. Next stop - Pigeon booth. They have limited selection of clothing at 50% off, plus an addition 10% discount. Not much choices for pyjamas but I managed to get hold of 2 pieces at RM13 each. However, the girl's dresses and 2-piece were very sweet and cute, I can't help but to buy her an additional few pieces despite telling myself she has way too many clothes!

Just when I thought I am done, I came across another stall selling pyjamas at only RM10 each. Though the label states age 1 and 2, their sizing is in fact similar to Pureen L size which is worn by DC! I bought 2 pieces from there, and if I stay any longer I would buy even more! Finally, I bought the bottle warmer from Fabulous Mom after taking into consideration that I can just return to them if damaged during warranty period.

Here's my loot for the day :

I achieved my main goal - To buy pyjamas and bottle warmer. Whoopee diapers and Scott cod liver oil are additional stuff but I reckoned it is worth getting them :)

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