Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My iPhone 4S

Recently my Sony Ericsson K810i decided to say bye-bye after 5 long and happy years. I was very sad to part ways with my phone as it is my favourite phone by far. However I still use it as my alarm clock.

I have a second phone – an iPhone 3GS which is already quite worn out. I use this phone more for surfing and GPS. I thought of getting an iPhone 4S once the contract for the 3GS ends sometime this year. However, hubby said it is either the iPad or new phone. In the end, I decided to get the iPad.

Two months ago, Maxis had a promotion for their Maxis One Club members – get an iPhone 4S 16G for RM599 with their iValue 2 plan. Hubby asked me “Do you want to upgrade to iPhone 4S?” I immediately said yes! Now I have 2 iPhones, hubby will be using the 3GS as his backup phone instead.

I am so happy with my new phone. It not only has a better camera with flash and a dual-facing function, the resolution is so much clearer as well. Despite the hype over SIRI, I have not even tried using it yet, can’t think of any reason why I should. Hubby did ask if 16G is sufficient, and not 64G (have to pay extra la) I think is enough because based on my usage on the 3GS, it is mostly photos, and selected songs (baby music and Glee soundtrack).

Another reason why I am so excited is that I can buy new covers for my iPhone! So far I have gotten 2 – one with a design by Jimmy SPA. Apparently he is a well known illustrator but I do not know his works. Anyway I think the cover is so ME! The other is a plain cover so I can decorate it with washi or fabric tape.

With how fast technology advancement is with smartphones nowadays, I hope that my new phone could be with me for at least the next 3 years and still not considered obsolete!

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