Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fashionable Duchess Kate in Malaysia

I have to admit I'm was a keen follower of Duchess Kate's fashion, even more so while she was in Singapore and Malaysia recently. I love how she is not afraid to mix and match her accessories with her outfits, and the fact she recycles her wardrobe. I get the updates from this HRHDuchessKate blog. It is very up-to-date and informative as well.

Based on what she wore, it is very clear that Kate has either done a lot of research, or takes into consideration on the countries she is visiting. In Singapore, she wore a Jenny Packham kimono-styled dress with orchid print during her visit to the bonatical garden (left photo). Singapore's national flower is the orchid. Another examples is that she choose to wear a beautiful yet simple dress by local Singaporean brand Raoul (right photo)

While she was in Malaysia, she took into consideration the sensitivities of dressing according to protocol. During the visit to the Asskyakrin mosque in Kuala Lumpur, she wore a beautiful white dress by Beulah London, stockings and a headscarf (left photo). She also removed her shoes prior to entering the mosque. Though her legs are not fully covered as noted by some people, nevertheless at least she did put on a headscarf and covered her legs through stockings.

Kate wore a beautiful long gown by Alexander McQueen during their official dinner hosted by the Agong (right photo). While I personally think the dress neckline was a little low for the occassion, nevertheless she looks opulent in the white and gold dress, a departure from her usual fashion style. I also love the fact that the gown features an overleaf of sheer material featuring embroidered gold hibiscuses, which is the national flower of Malaysia. Again, she took into consideration of these details while choosing her outfits. 

My favourite gown has to be the ice blue dress by Temperly which she wore for the Diamond Jubilee tea party hosted by the British High Commissioner and his wife. It is a perfect dress for any tea party and Kate wears it so well. 

Looking forward to more lovely outfits by Duchess Kate in the future :)

All photo credits to JustJared

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