Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

After one year of not celebrating Mid-Autumn festival as I was just out from confinement and too busy taking care of DC, I am really glad to be able to celebrate with her and hubby this year.

We went to 1 Utama over the weekend to check out the decorations, as well as to buy some mooncakes. This year the decorations were done at the Oval of the new wing. If viewed from above, the booths design reminder me of one of prior years' Tai Thong mooncake boxes.

I like the huge paper lanterns, mooncake and teapot set on top of the stage. It's like a reminder of how mid-autumn festival is should be enjoyed - simple and carefree with our loved ones.

After years of purchasing Tai Thong mooncakes, we decided to try the mooncakes by Overseas Restaurant this time around. I bought the simple flavours such as lotus paste and red bean. My MIL had already bought DC a fish-shaped lantern so we don't need to buy lanterns for her this time around.

On Sunday night, we joined the mooncake party organised by our condominium's residents' association. DC was initially fascinated by her lantern, but her interest soon wore off as she wanted to go to the swimming pool instead! I chatted with some neighbours before we headed home as it was past DC's bedtime.

Here's wishing you Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!