Monday, September 17, 2012

Thomas Anders (Modern Talking) Concert

I spent the Malaysia Day weekend with my husband and his family. Main reason we were there is to watch Thomas Anders in concert.

Prior to the concert, I have no idea who is Thomas Anders, and the only song I know from Modern Talking is Cheri Cheri Lady. Hubby is a fan of Modern Talking and we went just because he wants to listen to a few of their hit songs. So decided to accompany him to the concert itself.

The concert hall was around 70% full. As this band was really popular during the eighties, one could probably guess how old the concertgoers are. Some of them are either our age, but most belonged to the mid to late forties age group. There are quite a number of foreigners as well.

The concert started at 8:30pm sharp. Thomas Anders made his appearance by singing one of his hits (sorry I can't remember which one) and the crowd clapped with enthusiasm. However - as per my experience of concertgoers in Malaysia - they just sit down and listen to the music, as it it was just listening to the radio. At the end of each song, they will clap and scream for more. Anders proceeded singing a few more of his more recent songs, and the reaction is just the same. His newer tracks may not ring a bell with the crowd, and I'm sure he knows or anticipates this as well. It doesn't help when the organiser keep reminding the crowd to sit down while he is performing.

Halfway through the concert, Anders shouted to the crowd "I want to bring all of you back to the eighties. It's party time!" This is the cue that the best part of the concert is yet to come. The crowd was getting excited, and the minute he sang "Geronimo's Cadillac", the crowd started cheering, standing up and dancing at their seats.

Anders proceeded on with more hits such as "Brother Louie", "Atlantis is Calling" and "You Can Win If You Want". Anders and his band left the stage for an encore to conclude the concert with their greatest hits "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" and "Cheri Cheri Lady". The concert was close to two hours.

Party mood in full swing

It was very interesting to see those whom I regard as Uncles and Aunties (in terms of their age group) all singing and dancing enthusiastically to Modern Talking music. I was observing this man who was seated in front of me. When the concert just started, he was clapping his hands, all pumped up for Anders to begin. However, during the first half of the concert, he looked bored and perhaps sleepy?? His arms were crossed and he didn't even sing-a-long to the songs. However, once in the eighties zone, he "woke up", started to clap and wave his hands. By the time "You're My Heart You're My Soul" was sung, he was already dancing!

I certainly know who is Modern Talking now and their songs, but the bad thing is now their songs are stuck in my head because the beats are very catchy! Perhaps that is why they were so popular back then in the eighties! Now I have "Brother Louie" playing in my head, I wonder when it will go away...

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