Thursday, October 04, 2012

DC's First Birthday Party


Wow, DC is already coming to 14 months old, yet now only I decided to blog about it. By the way, I still have tonnes of blogging backlog, sigh...

DC turning one is a BIG occasion for all of us, although she is too young to realised it. We decided to have her birthday party at home, together with close family members staying around KL/PJ area. As most of the party attendees are adults, there is really no need to come up with a specific kiddy theme for the party.

I wanted to get a nice and simple fondant cake for her but the prices quoted were just over my budget. I can order a tiny fondant cake for less than RM200 but defeats the purpose as then I will need to buy another cake to be served to the 30 odd guests during the party. Another headache was the design of the cake. We wanted the design to be something that DC can relate to when she sees the cake. The first image that came up my mind was a balloon. Unfortunately we can't find any bakery who have balloon design. Most of them are cartoon characters but DC is not really a fan of any cartoons that time.
I was looking through Bisou Bake Shop's catalog when I found that they have a cake design of elephants on parade. It was a 1.5KG cake (which can feed 30 pax), and meets my budget. DC also can identify elephant now so it would be the best choice so far. We ended up ordering a vanilla "Eli" cake for her birthday party.

DC's "Eli" cake

There are some buntings decoration on the cake as well. I decided to use that as a overall theme for the birthday party. Using my leftover paper from my DIY paper blocks project, I cut out triangle buntings and tie them up using a black satin ribbon. I made two strands of buntings, one for the door entrance, the other inside in the archway. We also blew balloons, tie them in bunches and put it around the house.

One of the paper buntings and balloons decoration

I also made some gift bags for the guests. These were probably the most tedious to make as I have to start from scratch. The reason why I did not buy ready made brown bags was simple - I have a stack of kraft paper lying around at home ever since hubby abandoned his own DIY project, so might as well put it to good use. I got my paper bag template here, and I had to adjust the size subsequently so it can fit the gift. For the bunting image, I got it via Google image search. I added the Thank You word separately before printing, cutting and assembling the paper bag. The gifts were customised handmade BM soap which I ordered from Patty of Lullabelle Soap. I sealed the gift bags with washi tape, to match the soaps which were decorated with washi tape by Patty herself.

Handmade soap by Lullabelle Handmade

Completed gift bags

I love washi tape!

As for food, we ordered ayam goreng from Village Park, MIL brought fried meehoon, fried rice and acar which she ordered from an organic shop. Oka-san made pie-tea. I made dragonfruit konyakku jelly in Ribena and pandan flavours. I also prepared a huge bowl of longan-lemon punch for the guest as well. The acar and longan drink were the favourites that day :)

During the entire party, DC was either being carried around, or sitting on her favourite elephant ride. She did not make any fuss at all. In fact, she was enjoying the moment and all the company although she does not know it was her birthday. Luckily she had a good 2 hour nap prior to to that, else she would have been very grumpy during her party!

DC checking out her birthday presents

One of the highlights was when we placed a few items on the floor such as ruler, pen, book etc. DC is supposed to crawl over and the first thing she grab will represent her future career path. She took a pen! I asked when does it mean, I was told she will have a good job. So generic, haha! But it was all done in good fun and amusement.

When it came to singing the birthday song, and blowing of candles, DC was really, really excited. She also clapped her hands while we were singing. Thankfully she can recognise the elephant on the cake, she kept pointing to the elephant, wanting to touch it. The Bisou vanilla cake was very nice, not too sweet, provided if you don't take all the icing at one go.


We did not proceed with the opening of birthday gifts as she was already tired and sleepy. She did not have that many gifts as well because most of our relatives gave her Ang Pow :) Among her gifts were nice clothes, musical toys and blocks! Thank you all uncles/aunties/grandparents/grandaunts/granduncles for the gifts and Ang Pows!

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