Thursday, October 25, 2012

Easy Tote Bag with Lining

My dear hubby got me a Brother Innovis 950 sewing machine as a Mother's Day gift. Though I had some projects in mind, I haven't really got the chance to sit down and experiment how to use this machine (yes I am a novice sewing machine user!)

After many months of the machine gathering dust, I finished my first project using my new sewing machine - A simple tote bag with lining. 

Fabrics : Fabric Fanatics
Webbing : Daiso

I generally followed the tutorial by Skip To My Lou as the instructions and photos were easy to understand. The only difference was the handles. Instead of making my own, I used the webbing I bought from Daiso. I used a thicker thread (those used to sew denim) and 90/14 needle. I also did not follow the tutorial on how to attach the handles as I didn't want it to be a reversible tote, just a tote with lining. It took me around 3 - 4 days to complete this project, but I'm sure it will take much less time if not for some of the mistakes I made while making this bag.

This is how I attach the webbing handles into the fabric. Pardon the messy sewing!

I am pretty pleased with the outcome of my first project, despite having to correct some of the mistakes I did with sewing the webbing (not to mention all that unpicking, no fun!). Hopefully I will be able to do more sewing projects in future and build up my sewing skills as well.

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