Thursday, November 01, 2012

Pognae Hip Seat Review

I am not a baby wearer. I received a baby carrier as a gift but found that it was too bulky, and subsequently realised it is a crotch carrier, which is not good for baby. I stayed far away from ring slings or other wrap slings such as Moby wrap, as I feel that I am clumsy with all these type of baby carriers. I did look into Ergo but find that it was way too expensive, especially we already had a good Aprica stroller.

It was when DC started learning to sit up and crawl, and when her weight was around 7KG, I sometimes find it a challenge to carry her while doing my house chores, especially during the evening when she is super sticky and just wanted to be carried. Around the same time, I found out about the Pognae hip seat from one of the forums I joined on Facebook. What attracted me to the hip seat is that it looks very easy to use. No funky strings, straps or knot-tying skills required. I decided to order one from this online seller called Beautiplex10 as they offer free shipping to Malaysia.

Took me a while to find some information on the product specifications in English. The picture below says it all :)

My Review

The Pognae hip seat is extremely easy to use. Just need to adjust the strap so it will fit your hips nicely. Strap on the velcro, snap on the buckle and it is ready to use! Whenever I simply do not have the energy to carry DC, I will just put her on the hipseat and my load feels much better as the weight is spread across my hips. I have tried to adjust it higher to my waist level, but I find it causes strain to my back. They don't call it a hip seat without a reason :)
The hip seat comes with an additional strap which they called it a wrapper. This can be attached to the hip seat and converts it to somewhat like a baby carrier. I find this useful especially I need to carry other objects around and need to carry DC too at the same time. Too bad I could not wash dishes while carrying her using this as she will be in the way! One other feature that I like as well is the non slip seat. I don't have to worry of DC slipping off the hip seat while carrying her.

I brought the hip seat along to Pangkor Laut Resort in June 2012. It was not very convenient for us to use the stroller there so the hip seat turned out to be very useful. Many times she just napped while we walk around the island. I think she finds it very comfortable napping on mummy's bosum as well!

I also tried using this once in a shopping mall. It did gathered a few stares as most people would not have seen this type of carrier before. It is definitely useful for a short trip to the grocer or mall but I certainly would not recommend this if one plans to take a stroll in the shopping mall for over 30 minutes. Imagine carrying an additional weight of 8kg, walking for 30 minutes? Good exercise though... 

The child can be placed front or back facing, or even sideways on the hip seat. I usually prefer back-facing though I think DC prefers front facing so she could see more things. I have not tried putting her sideways position on the hip seat before though I have seen pictures of one mother doing just that. 

If there is any downside to the Pognae hip seat, I would probably say it is not meant for those who are thick waisted (those with big waists). Case in point : My dear husband.

He tried to use the hip seat one evening while we are taking our evening walk on the park. He can barely fit into the hip seat! I have to adjust the straps to the maximum, plus he had to hold his breath while I strap the velcro and buckle! That was probably his first and last experience with the Pognae hip seat :)

Now that DC is able to walk and run, I doubt I will need to use the hipseat that often now, unless she becomes all clingy on me again. Meanwhile, I do plan to wear this when we are out at the park so I could carry and put her on it whenever she is tired. Only thing is when??? (It had been raining each evening for the two weeks)

I do not know if this is better than a baby carrier as I do not own one before. I think it is convenient to use at home or on short trips running errands. I am happy with my hip seat for now.


Anonymous said...

hi can i know how long the item deliver to u from order from tat web?

and actually where is ur location?

i need it to be deliver to malaysia. but dont know take how long.

will it be get stuck at kastam there?

n i l e e y said...

Hi, I am based in Klang valley. Took me around 3 weeks for it to arrive. I am not sure if it will get stuck in customs or not but when I received it , it was in good condition.

Anonymous said...

Hello how much u bought ths hip seat?

Anonymous said...

hello there... i just need to know whether the hip seat is suitable for toddler of 2yo. i find it very difficult to carry my baby sometimes especially when my hands full with groceries bags. do u think the hip seat would be a great idea?? also...does it easy to walk around with the hip seat attached to the body? thanks dear

n i l e e y said...

Hi there, I am not sure if a 2yo can fit the hipseat, really depending on the size and weight of your toddler. My girl outgrew it when she was around 18 months.

Alice in the wonderland said...

Hi all,
I'm using my Pognae hipseat for 2 years plus now and still use it on my toddler 26 months old. The weight allowed is 20kg so I think it's fine at any age as long as your child is below 20kg. I find it very useful, easy to use and doesn't give me back pain or whatsoever like other carrier types. Plus the hipseat is really good for ur child's structure development. I recently read a research about baby carriers and it states the best position to carry our babies is the sitting position which this Pognae hipseat works great. I used it for travelling as well. Climbed the mountain temple and visited many places using it. Imagine my climbing is as you climb on the Batu Caves staircases. :) That's how easy and less tiring it provides. I recommend for all the mummies to use it. ^^ Now you can buy at their website or find them from Facebook. They have a mini showroom in Puchong if you want to go there to have a look and try out before purchase as well. Hope a little information could help. :)