Shades of Diwali @ 1 Utama

Although Deepavali is considered one of the major festival celebrated by the Hindus, somehow in the major urban and suburban malls within KL and Selangor it tends to be overlooked in terms of decorations. One of the reasons being it is usually so close to Christmas, I supposed the malls would like to focus more on the Christmas decorations instead. From what I always remember, Deepavali celebration is usually marked by a huge kolam design somewhere in the mall, and that was it.

I'm pleasantly surprised to find that this year, 1 Utama had at least taken the liberty to have some Deepavali decoration at the Old Wing Centre Court with the theme "Shade of Diwali".  

Though the design is simple, it was very colourful. There is a giant peacock as the main design, with the colourful floor patterns resembling the peacock's tail. The stalls are decorated with brightly coloured umbrellas with tassles. They have dance performances lined up during the next few days till Deepavali.

Kudos to 1 Utama for their efforts, and looking forward to their next mall decoration - Christmas!