Washi Tape Cloth Pegs

I always considered myself an organised mess. Why? Because I can leave a pile of mess on the table, but it is already being categorised accordingly - receipts, bills, reading materials, to-do lists etc...

Same goes for the handkerchiefs I used for DC. I can leave them everywhere around the house, but I know which hanky is for which purpose. Unfortunately, my husband does not. Many times he had to ask "This hanky is for what?" or "Where is the milk hanky?" so much so I got fed up. I decided to label the hankerchiefs by using cloth pegs. Plain cloth pegs are so boring, so I decorated them with washi tape :)

Boring bamboo cloth pegs. Got it for RM2. Cheap cheap!

What you need :
Cloth pegs
Washi tape
Marker pen

1) Cut washi tape into short strips.

2) Stick the washi tape onto the cloth peg

3) I added on another layer of washi tape in contrasting colour/design to make it more eye-catching

Somehow the pastel purple turned out pink on the cloth peg.

4) Use a marker pen to label the cloth pegs respectively.

M is for Milk

All done! A very simple craft project, yet pleasing to the eyes :)


Michael Darnell said…
What's a milk handkerchief?
n i l e e y said…
Hi Mike, it is just a term I use for a specific hankerchief to wipe them milk off my toddler's mouth :)