1 Utama Snowmen in Pastryland Christmas

You know whether if a shopping mall is running out of ideas based on their Christmas decoration, and sadly, 1 Utama seemed to be having this issue for this year's Christmas theme.
I love the decoration, with the cute snowmen and larger-than-life pastries filling up the mall, but Where is the Christmas Tree? What about the Christmas lights? I think the huge cake on the right is supposed to be the Christmas tree but I am not really convinced this time around.

This is a very brave snowman, standing next to an oven @_@

All these cakes, swiss rolls and candy are making me really hungry...

Luckily, 1 Utama isn't the only shopping mall whose decoration I think is a Miss. The other one is The Curve. What about fairies and mushrooms? Bring back Santa Claus!
I am just keeping my fingers crossed they will do a better job next year.