1 Utama's 2013 CNY Decoration

After the cute but totally irrelevant theme last Christmas, I was very curious what theme will 1 Utama be putting up for Chinese New Year. Since it is year of the Snake, I doubt they want to put up a giant snake on stage that will frighten everyone away! So when they put up their posters on Facebook with the theme "Master Of The Year Chinese New Year Celebration 2013", the first thing that comes to mind was "Kungfu Hustle"!

When I went over to 1 Utama to check out the decoration, I was greeted by a very busy street with shops peddling CNY products. I think 1 Utama wanted to channel the CNY atmosphere of the olden day Hong Kong or China. The main stage was barely noticeable, being overshadowed by the kalaidascope of colours from the shops and lanterns above.

The street, complete with Traffic Light sign and traffic light (not shown on picture)
Not every day you get to see ONECARD advertisement in mandarin:)

Lots of antennas on top of the shops. See the main stage on the background?

The signage gives a 3D effect to this decorative wall.

This year's theme is really something very different from the rest. I can't say it is irrelevant as it is after all CNY, and we will be busy shopping on the streets during the olden days. I don't think they have anything picture-worthy but I do applaud their bravery of coming up with this theme as it is just so different. I do miss the Prosperity Cat theme though, I think it was the cutest ever!