Saturday, May 04, 2013

Malaysian Spring 2013

We are just a day away from the BIG day - VOTING DAY - for Malaysia's 13th General Elections. Every where we are, we see flags, postings on Facebook, messages being forward etc etc.

So it was a welcome change when I came across this ingenious idea called Malaysian Spring.

Malaysian Spring is a rakyat effort to spread the message of hope and change
and getting people to participate in the process of making a better Malaysia
through the simple gesture of planting flowers in their own neighborhood

I pass by the Bandar Utama road every day, and I was very pleased to see someone had initiated to plant some 'flowers' to brighten the place up.

Unfortunately this idea was not approved by relevant authorities over several reasons, so the 'flowers' were being harvested (collected by local councils) several times. However, the residents did not give up but continue planting them.

Below picture was taken upon the 2nd or 3rd replanting of these flags. I spotted some really tiny flags being planted as well, shall call them 'Mushrooms!'

Let this small but meaningful gesture not be forgotten as we go and vote for a better Malaysia tomorrow!

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