Tuesday, December 24, 2013

1 Utama - It's Christmas, Believe!

We got back to PJ in time to visit some of the shopping malls and see their Christmas decorations. Of course, 1 Utama has to be on my list :)

This year's theme is called Believe! The overall decorations focus on hot air balloons and rocking horses, all decked in Christmas colours.

If you look at the layout from above, you may notice that the booths are placed on a what appears to be ancient map, and they form islands/continents on the map. The floor layouts are decked with rocking horses in various designs. Interestingly, there are no Christmas trees in sight, again......

A crowd favourite are the four rocking horses placed around The Oval. The children loved to sit on them and rock the horses, while parents are busy taking pictures.

I felt this was a much better theme than the snowman decoration put up last year. In fact, this is one of the nicer Christmas decorations I have seen this year. I have a feeling they will do something with the horses in conjunction with next year's CNY, but let's see how first ok?

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