1 Utama Christmas Decoration 2014

It is Christmas time yet once again, and this year 1 Utama brings in Love & Joy - a animal woodland wonderland theme. The props are very simple, comprising all cutout board standees of cute animals surrounded by paper Christmas trees, and layout like from a pop up story book.

This give lots of photo opportunities for everyone - kids and grown ups alike.

The meerkats are everywhere but my favourite animal must be the raccoons and the baby elephant on trumpet. If you have a chance to take a close up look on the flowers and trees you may just appreciate the details how they are made of crepe/tissue paper. Would love to take one of the flowers back if I had the chance :)

Based on their recent festive decorations (including a very plain 2014 CNY decoration which I did not blog due to the birth of my baby), it becomes pretty clear 1 Utama is on a cost cutting measure. I supposed they are also trying to be different instead of the classic Christmas theme which not necessarily a bad thing, but perhaps it is good to revert back for a change :)