Thursday, February 05, 2015

1 Utama Chinese New Year Decoration 2015

This year 1 Utama's Chinese New Year theme is 'Bloom of Opulance' and - surprise! - its main decoration has nothing to do with flowers. Instead, the main decor centers around the God of Prosperity and other CNY characters, done up Chinese Opera style.

This is how the decor in the new wing looks like. The God of Prosperity in the middle, surrounded by 4 other characters. Do you notice not a lot of people taking photos? I heard a few friends mentioned the God of Prosperity looks scary. I think is because of the eyebrows make him look a little fierce :)

These are probably 2-storey high! I think is a little bit difficult to take photos as well. This is my favourite 'doll' out of the 4 :)

I love this decoration on Ground Floor, just in front of the Customer Service counter. The characters here look so much cuter, and the glittery effect of 福 word makes this a more popular photo spot than the main characters at the Oval. 

This is how the full length photo look like (photo taken from 1 Utama FB Page)

We were lucky to come across 1 Utama's CNY mascots at the Oval that day, many people queued up for a photo session. Too bad both DC aand JC were sleeping that time, else we could have gotten a nice photo as well.

I think this year's decoration is so much better than last year's decoration (which I did not even cover on my blog). Perhaps God of Prosperity may not come across as a pleasant theme for some but hey, it is certainly a challenge to come up with interesting themes year after year, and kudos to the 1 Utama theme for doing something different this year (the other being The Curve's CNY Fishing Village theme).

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