Monday, February 02, 2015

The Curve Chinese New Year Decoration 2015

I usually don't cover festive decorations at The Curve as I seldom go there now, but this year I decided to bring the family over to check it out as it has a unique theme - the Chinese fishing village and seafood restaurant setting.

Welcome to Xi Yang Yang 喜洋洋 Fishing Village! 

The mall decor features wooden platforms and houses with zinc roofs, similar to that of a typical chinese fishing village like Kukup or Tanjung Sepat. Red lanterns are hung all around the 'village' to represent the Chinese New Year festive period. 

 Possibly the hightlight of the decor? The live fish and the sampan boat! Yes, they actually took the initiative of creating this fishing village by placing sampans and also fishes swimming around the 'sea'! Interesting isn't it?

I like the fact that the props complemeted the theme very well. For example, they have a section with cold storage boxes, buoys and fishing nets. There are also some round marble top tables place in another section of the decor, reminds me of those old retired 'uncles' who would play cards or chess and drink chinese tea on a breezy Sunday evening :)

My favourite prop? The shop selling keropok and fish satay sticks! Yummy!

The Curve's CNY  decor is certainly different from the rest of the malls, while may not be as elaborate as Pavillion or woolly cute as Sunway Pyramid, but I think it does stand out on its own this year :)

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