Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Big Move Down South

So we have finally made THE BIG MOVE to Johor - Finally!

This is a project 2 years in the making. After we purchased a house from developer, we were supposed to move last year upon its completion. However, JC's premature birth threw our plans all awry. Plus we were dragging our feet in regards to the renovation plans. House was only completed in May 2015. The big move was in June 2015 and it has already close to 3 months since we call JB our new home.

Life has gotten into a routine - DC goes to school on weekdays, we go out as a family on weekends. I take care of JC together with the help of my maid. I still am doing my business Simple Joy Crafts but has been cutting down on orders so to spend more time with the kids.

So far the exciting place we have been so far is Legoland Malaysia (ha ha). We have bought annual passes so we can go as and when we like. Will share more of interesting places in Johor whenever we visit them :)

Here's to our new adventure into Johor Bahru!

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