Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Colleen Coloured Pencils and The Great Colouring Book Revival?

The recent trend going around appears to be adult colouring books. It all started with the beautifully illustrated Secret Garden by Johanna Basford, made even popular here in Malaysia due to Korean dramas. I have came across discussions about what type of colour pencils/markers/paint are best used for these colouring books. Interestingly, it sparked my interest in something I used to cherish during my childhood days - coloured pencils.

During our childhood days, most of us would have owned at least one set of coloured pencils. The ones bought for me by my parents were STAEDTLER Luna coloured pencils. In class, most of us had either the 12 or 24 pack. A few lucky ones will have the 36 pack, and the really, really fortunate ones (which I envy) will own the one with 48 coloured pencils. Most of us used Luna brand but some of them brought Colleen coloured pencils to school. I like their coloured pencils because they are double sided and the packing is bright and colourful. I tried it before but never really noticed about the quality. (We were kids then, comparing quality of coloured pencils was the last thing in our mind!) 

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As we grew up, we packed away our coloured pencils and our childhood and moved on with our lives. Coloured pencils became something associated with little children, party packs and the pesky task of sharpening the blunt ones or the inferior ones that always break. Based on my own experience with my kids' colouring pencils, I can voucher Luna is still one of the better brands around.

All of a sudden, this colouring book revival brought back not only memories but also certain brands long forgotten. Everyone was talking about Colleen coloured pencils and lamented it was so difficult to find them. Allow me to share : there is this stationery shop in Centrepoint Bandar Utama called Wonderworld Books Center that stocks Colleen paint and coloured pencils, among other art supplies and assorted stationery. I bought Colleen paint from them before hence I am aware they stock the colour pencils too. When we went back to PJ during the school holiday period, I decided to drop by the shop and treated myself with a box of 48 coloured pencils (Yay!)

I still prefer the packaging I see from my childhood but after I bought it, my first thought was that I could check off my bucket list (that is, if I have one in the first place!). These coloured pencils costs RM32.90. If I wanted the full coloured ones (instead of half/half), I would need to fork out RM54.90 for those! I figured out this will do, as it is meant for me to hoard and use it one fine day.

Will I be buying colouring books instead? I will hold this purchase back for now. The books by Johanna Basford look really good but I doubt I will be doing any colouring anytime soon. Even when I was young, I always preferred to doodle and draw rather than do colouring. Perhaps even if someone got me the books for Christmas, I will most likely keep it and admire whenever I have time. Just wondering when this trend will die down, maybe I can get the books with good discount?

Wishful thinking indeed :)

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