Friday, November 27, 2015

Barbie Bridal Collection

Recently I was surfing online doing some research on a two different themes for my Simple Joy Crafts printables - Bridal and Barbie Princess. Somehow I ended up with a search result of Barbie Bridal, along with photos of Barbie-inspired wedding gowns.

The website which the images I obtained from is a Japanese Bridal Shop named Kuraudia (Claudia in Romaji I presumed). Some of them look so sweet and pretty, perfect for a wedding photoshoot :

While some of them look a little to tacky or gaudy for my liking. Perhaps it would look best on Barbie herself :

DC came over and saw the photos. She exclaimed "Look mummy, Princess Elsa!" (Yes, she is still in her Frozen-crazy period) :

Well I supposed the designers would have come up with this design due to demand from a niche group of customers. I don't mind Barbie inspired flower girl dresses, but to be a Barbie bride? Not for me. I remember seeing Disney coming up with their own Princess inspired wedding gown, so perhaps an Elsa wedding gown would already be in the works as well?

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