1 Utama Christmas Decoration 2015

This year I am not going back to PJ for Christmas, but I still follow the Christmas decoration in Klang Valley closely via social media. Christmas decorations in Johor Bahru is relatively muted (SpongeBob Christmas in AEON malls) if compared to the ones in KL and PJ. We plan to head down to Singapore some time next week to check out the Christmas decorations there.

Back to my favourite mall 1 Utama (I still miss this mall a lot!). Their theme this year is An Evergreen Christmas, and based on their Facebook page, the decoration is very simple, clean and minimalistic. The Oval is decorated with white glass house structures, complete with giant snowflake windmills. Beautiful floral arrangements adorn the pathways and around the oval. From the photos, it gives a feeling of walking in a small European town during winter, minus the actual snow itself. 

(All photos taken from 1 Utama Facebook Page)

I don't think there is much decoration or photo opportunity relevant for the children unlike last year's theme, but for me it is a very pretty sight to behold. And did I mention I love glass house structures? Wish I was back in PJ to experience it!