Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Holiday Extravaganza at Legoland Malaysia

We had a blast at Legoland during their Halloween event, now it is time to enjoy their Christmas event throughout the month of December!

We went over on a Friday to avoid the weekend crowd, and already it was quite packed due to school holidays. Over at The Beginning (right after the entrance, next to the BIG Shop), there is a Lego display of Santa riding on his sleigh with his reindeer. A perfect photo opportunity for the family, but unfortunately we did not take one coz the elder kid was grumpy and the younger one was fast alseep.

The main Christmas decoration area is focused on Lego City, where the DUPLO Christmas Tree and Advent Calendar draw event is held daily 645pm. The lamp posts are decorated with red and white ribbons, fake snow on the trees, and the train at the Mini Express was nicely done up so much so it looked like the LEGO Christmas Train. (Forgot to take photo of the train, sorry!)

Below is the main stage area for the Advent Calendar Draw, check out the sponsors! I hope I am lucky enough to win something... How does one take part in the draw? You can collect a slip at the entrance. On the slip there is a section with a serial number, you tear off the section, write your name down and place the small piece of paper into their Advent Lucky Box (located at either The Beginning or near the Lego City stage). You must keep the slip as it also contains the corresponding serial number which will be used as proof should you win a prize.

Apart from taking part in the Advent Calendar Draw, we also dropped by the BIG Shop so the kids can take part in the Christmas Wish List Lucky Draw. This is applicable for kids 18 months to 12 years old. A friendly Santarina passed us this little pamplet which comprises a list of LEGO sets which the kid can choose to win. The child writes down the 3 favourite sets he or she would like to win, and submit the ticket at the counter in front of the BIG Shop. We have to keep the pamphet as it contains the corresponding serial number as well. The submission ends 3pm, and draw will be done at 330pm. Well, no luck for the kids this time around....maybe next weekend? This draw only takes place on Friday to Sunday.  

It rained quite heavily during the late evening so I did not manage to capture a nice photo of the Christmas tree before the light up. Thankfully the rain stopped just in time for the Christmas performance, the DUPLO Christmas Tree light up and the Advent Calendar Draw. The main performers for the Christmas show are the same people from the Halloween show, this means lots of humour folks haha! Guest stars include Lego Santa and Soldier.

So we were first entertained by the performers with a little skit, followed by a draw to select a lucky child to come up on stage to do the DUPLO Christmas tree light-up. After this is the Advent Calendar Draw. Prior to the grand prize, there are around 8 other winners selected to receive goodie bags from Legoland. Well, again no luck for the kids :(

Below is the beautiful DUPLO Christmas Tree after the light up, photo taken around 715pm. 

This girl's name is Sherwina. She is indeed a very lucky girl. Why do I say so? She was one of the winners for the Christmas Wish List, she was one of the 6 kids chosen to be on stage for the Christmas perfomance, and she was the lucky winner selected to light up the DUPLO Christmas tree that day itself. Don't you think she is lucky indeed?

Right after the event is over, it is time for us to go home. Before that,we dropped by Legoland Hotel to check out their Christmas Decoration. They had a friendly snowman and a lovely Christmas tree by the lobby. There are some dangling wall decorations as well but I can't take a photo of it as it was too high up.

We will try to make it there for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve as well, fingers crossed it won't rain this time around!

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