Sunday, December 27, 2015

Washi Wheel for Washi Tape Organisation and Storage

Here's a little secret - I have been hoarding washi tape ever since I received my first stash of MT washi tapes back in April 2010. Most of my stash still come from MT, but I also have some from other brands, including Maste. How I had been storing my washi tapes was to put them into mooncake tin boxes, or some random box big enough to keep all the tapes in one place. It is pretty much a disorganised mess each time I open up my box to search for a particular washi tape.

Recently I came across an online stationery shop called Stickerific selling handmade washi wheel. Without hesitatation, I placed an order for one, and was sent over to me by Ototosan. Here is how the washi wheel looks like :

What made the washi wheel so appealing to me is that :
1) It allows organisation and storage for around 66 rolls of washi tape
2) Aesthetic design (well, at least for me)
3) I can easily search for the washi tape that I need rather than digging through my box for the design I want.
4) It is compact, I can put it on my table, or my bookshelf, or even in my cupboard.

How does one put the washi tape on to the wheel? The answer lies in the rods. Each rod is removable but you need to be very careful in doing so. Slide out the rods a little by pushing them out from the centre, place your tapes on the rod, and slide them back in.

Here is a little sneak peak of my washi tape collection :

These are some of my washi tape from MT. It is still my favourite brand of washi tape, perhaps because the design is very versatile. I use them more for crafting purposes rather than journalling, hence why I prefer this type of design.

These are non- MT brands of washi tape. The Japanese themed ones in the middle are from Maste. I love Maste as well but as mentioned, MT still tops in terms of versatility. I probably would buy more Maste tapes if I am into journalling or note-taking.

So this is how the end result look like :

It is not completely full yet, I still have some unopened tapes such as my MT x Sanrio range which I decided to keep it separately away from DC's prying eyes and itchy fingers hehe. I am very satisfied with my washi tape wheel, and it will be a permanent item on my desk from now onwards :)

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